Join us in looking back on Episode 22 with guest Andrew Schroeder!

In this episode, Victoria and Mark talk to guest Andrew Schroeder about how to use your remodeling experience to grow your business by profitably flipping houses, minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits, and the challenges of acting as your own client.

As CEO of Schroeder Design Build, Andrew focuses on all aspects of a project, ranging from the big picture to the smallest details. He joined the Schroeder Design/Build team in 1999 and became owner in 2011. In addition to running SDB, Andrew volunteers time with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Victoria, Mark and Andrew talk more about:

  • Where to invest your time and money to get your best returns
  • How to fill your production pipeline without getting new clients
  • Determining your profit margins in real estate
  • And more…