The 9 Components of Extraordinary Leadership with Wayne Ottum – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

Wayne Ottum joins us to talk about the 9 components of extraordinary leadership and outlines some basic steps to help businesses owners become more effective leaders. Wayne discusses the...

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Boost Lead Gen Results with Better Reputation Management with Tanya Bamford – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E6

High interest rates and other market conditions have caused the remodeling market to contract across many regions, resulting in lack luster lead flow for home remodeling companies. As the...

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Why The Design-to-Production Handoff is Worth Measuring with Dan Hurst – [Best of Powertips Unscripted]

Today on Powertips Unscripted, Dan Hurst joins the show to discuss the handoff from design to production. Dan talks about how to define the minimum standard of completeness and...

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How Business Owners Can Tame the High Cost of College with Brad Baldridge – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E5

Are you concerned that college tuition fees will deplete your savings? In today’s episode of PowerTips Unscripted, we have Brad Baldridge on the show to assist business owners in...

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Tips For Hiring People Who Fit Your Culture with Erin Longmoon – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E4

Is your company struggling to attract top-tier employees? Joining us today on PowerTips Unscripted is Erin Longmoon, the founder of Zephyr Connect. Erin will share some valuable insights into...

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Harnessing the Power of 3D Visualization with Dave Pollard – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

Dave Pollard, Co-Founder & Design Director of Liv Companies outside of Chicago, joins the show to talk more about how his firm utilizes 3D renderings in almost every aspect of their...

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Victoria and Mark are excited about this new endeavor and have lined up some great guests and topics to cover over the next several weeks and months.

Whether you are listening in the truck on your way to your next client or at your desk during a lunch break, we hope PowerTips Unscripted brings you your next big idea, success tip or even just a chance to hear from those that have achieved great success in the remodeling industry.

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