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Victoria Downing

Show Host

Victoria is President and Chief Inspiration Officer for Remodelers Advantage. For nearly 30 years, Victoria has worked with owners of remodeling companies across North America, to help them build strong, consistently profitable businesses.

Victoria is known for her high-energy and positive outlook on life, as well as her in-depth knowledge of the best practices that transform company performance.

As a leading authority in the remodeling industry, Victoria is a contributing writer for Remodeling Magazine, a national speaker and presenter at educational seminars and is the author or co-author of several industry books, including The Remodeler’s Marketing PowerPak.

With her small, dedicated team at Remodelers Advantage, Victoria has created the industry’s largest community of motivated remodelers through the Roundtables Peer Group Program and the Remodelers Advantage University. Currently, the members of this community produce more than $750 million in revenue annually

Mark Harari

Co Host

Mark is Vice President of Remodelers Advantage. He’s fluent in sarcasm and movie quotes, and claims to have coined the phrase, “coined the phrase.”

An award-winning marketer with 18 years’ experience, Mark is an accomplished speaker and writer who…well, speaks and writes. He is also the facilitator of the Remodelers Advantage Marketing Roundtables groups, which brings together top marketing pros from across the US and Canada.

Let’s see. What else? Oh yes, he specializes in translating strategic vision to tactical execution. Which means, he can dream up solutions and make them happen. That’s about it in a nutshell. If you want to learn more, check out his LinkedIn profile.

About Remodelers Advantage and PowerTips

As the remodeling industry’s most comprehensive support organization for remodeling business owners, Remodelers Advantage has helped thousands of remodelers, from start-ups to $30 million firms improve company performance and quality of life.

Founded in 1982, Remodelers Advantage has grown into an international resource for remodelers and renovators across the United States and Canada. The company is guided by nationally recognized remodeling industry authority Victoria Downing, along with a team of dedicated professionals including some of the most notable professionals in the field including Paul Winans, Judith Miller, Mark Harari and Tim Faller.

Starting out as an industry-focused blog, Remodelers Advantage’s PowerTips has grown into a multi-faceted content initiative which includes written blogs by staff and guest contributors, weekly videos, e-mails, an annual magazine and now a podcast, PowerTips Unscripted.

Focused on topics that are of interest to remodeling business owners, the contributors and writers of PowerTips present great insight on issues such as hiring & recruiting, marketing, production, finance, administration, team building and more.

Join Listeners Worldwide

Victoria and Mark are excited about this new endeavor and have lined up some great guests and topics to cover over the next several weeks and months.

Whether you are listening in the truck on your way to your next client or at your desk during a lunch break, we hope PowerTips Unscripted brings you your next big idea, success tip or even just a chance to hear from those that have achieved great success in the remodeling industry.

PowerTips Unscripted is available on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and here on PowerTipsPodcast.com

What is Roundtables?

Roundtables is a peer-group program that brings together smart, savvy, non-competing companies to share experiences and help one another improve company performance. If you’ve not yet experienced the high-energy and enthusiasm that is part of a Roundtables™ meeting, there’s never been a better time to join.