So many of our Roundtables members have discovered that in order to grow your remodeling business and get to “the next level” it takes focus, hard work, determination and the willingness to look for outside resources when you realize you need help.

Brandon Bailey is a fantastic example of a successful remodeler who took the necessary steps and made the tough decisions to significantly grow his business over the past 9 years. In Episode 5, Victoria and Mark spend time with Brandon, Owner of Bailey Remodeling and Construction, a design & build firm in Louisville, Kentucky.

After starting his business in 2005 Brandon was where many of our members were when they were starting out… producing good, reputable work but “spinning their wheels” with long hours, no systems in place, no predictable revenue model, etc. Sound familiar?

In 2009 Brandon and his business partner, Jon Steimel, began making decisions to significantly change and grow their business and they have done a fantastic job, recently being named the 2017 Remodeler of the Year by the Building Industry Association in Louisville. Brandon’s business started out as many do with just 2 partners, and they have grown their team to 9 and ready to bring on employee number 10!

In this episode Victoria and Mark explore the changes Brandon and Jon made to their business back in 2009 and looked further into:

  • Finding outside resources to help his business
  • What it was like working with a business coach and peer group
  • Which KPIs to keep an eye on
  • Growing his team beyond the 2 partners
  • Building a Sales System
  • Establishing a consistent and predictable revenue model
  • Increasing Net Profit!
  • What his business and day-to-day life is like now vs. back in 2009

As always, we included the Lightning round and 5 words of wisdom and Brandon knocked it out of the park.

If you would like to learn more about Brandon, Jon and their firm, Bailey Remodeling and Construction, click here to visit their website.

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