Accurately estimating a project is critical to profit,  and one of the most challenging components of that estimate is labor. 

Can you estimate labor simply and accurately? Are you spending too much time estimating labor for each job?  Guest Chad Vincent thinks so.  Tune into this episode to hear all about his new method towards becoming more effective in the estimation process.

Chad is the CEO and owner of Renaissance Remodeling in Boise, Idaho. He began his remodeling and construction career at a young age working for his dad in the family business and has been expanding his presence, expertise, and success in the field ever since. Chad values staying ahead of the curve and accepting nothing but the best in an ever-changing industry.

Victoria, Mark and Chad talk more about:

  • Dealing with “slips” in estimating
  • Educating designers on this process
  • Cutting back on the time it takes to estimate
  • And more…