Ep.142: Common Remodeler Mistakes that are Hitting Your Bottom Line with Alan Hanbury

In this episode, guest Alan Hanbury of Hanbury Builders Inc. discusses three common areas where remodeling contractors are underperforming because they believe their gut rather than facts.

Alan also talks about referral marketing, the effects of job costing done half-heartedly, and hiring when taking net profitability into account.

Alan is president of House of Hanbury Builders Inc., and recently retired after 45 years as owner of the full-service remodeling firm in central Connecticut. Alan now concentrates on teaching, consulting and other business coaching opportunities. 

Victoria, Mark and Alan talk more about:

  • The importance of referrals
  • Why monitoring job costing reports may be more important than accounting results
  • Hiring during labor shortages
  • And more…

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