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Ep.186: How To Bet On Talent With Dee Ann Turner

Guest Dee Ann Turner discusses her experiences at Chick-fil-A human resources to owning her own company and becoming a bestselling author. Dee Ann gives an excellent outline for any business to interview and find extraordinary talent. She also talks about the current day workforce and how to be disciplined in the hiring process.

Dee Ann is the author of Bet on Talent, a successful public speaker, and has over 32 years of experience in recruiting some of the best employees in the restaurant industry.

Victoria, Mark and Dee Ann talk more about:

  • How to evaluate talent
  • How to interview potential employees
  • The formula to create a great company culture
  • And more…….

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Ep.185: Getting To An 8-Figure Remodeling Business With Ben Juncker

Special guest Ben Juncker discusses the lessons he learned and actions he took to go from a roofing employee to the owner of a multimillion dollar business and a best-selling author.  After being in business for a while and buying out his partner, he realized that profits are more important than revenue and that he needed to start looking at his business at the macro level.  He started focusing proper staffing and creating processes, which led to meaningful growth.

Ben started his company, Craftsman’s Choice, in 1998 and became a James Hardie siding contractor in 2000. Since that time Craftsman’s Choice has grown continuously to become one of the nation’s top James Hardie Remodelers, completing over 175 jobs per year. They have won James Hardie’s prestigious President’s Club award every year since its inception in 2015.

Ben, Victoria, and Mark discuss the importance of:

  • Knowing what is happening on job sites
  • Building accountability into all processes and systems
  • Leveraging technology, specifically Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • And more…

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Ep.184: Using Tech to Create a First Class Customer Experience with Jimmy McKinney

Guest Jimmy McKinney is here to teach listeners about using technology in unique ways to create a first-class customer experience from CRMs, CoConstruct, Youtube, google suite, and more.  He also talks about how technology has evolved over the years, how it can be utilized in business today and its benefits to clients.

Jimmy is the President of J&R Construction a residential design/build remodeling company, and loves being on the cutting edge of technology, marketing and trends.

Victoria, Mark and Jimmy talk more about:

  • Current trends in technology
  • Technology and its relation to increased productivity
  • How to qualify a potential client
  • And more…

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Ep.183: Reviewing the Lowe’s State of the Pro Report with Gerardo Soto

To help you get ahead, Lowes listens to the pros and their customers to learn what’s next for the industry and how it impacts your business.  Enter: Lowes State of the Pro, an industry leading report full of insights that will help pros grow their business thanks to real homeowners and pro intel.  Guest Gerardo Soto, Lowes Vice President of brand marketing for Lowes Pro, is here to share what the report has to say.

Victoria, Mark and Gerardo answer these questions:

  • As a key retailer, how is Lowe’s showing up for Pros to alleviate these challenges?
  • What are customers looking for in their relationships with Pros?
  • Will the State of the Pro report become an annual survey? Where can Pros read it?
  • And more…

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Ep.182: Knowing How, When, and Why to Hire an Estimator with Clark Harris

Estimating is a big deal for remodelers. But, for most, this is just another hat on someone’s head.  So, when is it time to give this critical role a dedicated position?  Guest Clark Harris recently hired an estimator and he’s here to share the what, why and how to hire an estimator.

Clark Harris is the owner of Innovative Construction in Atlanta Georgia. Innovative Construction is a high-end design-build firm whose mission is to improve lives through design, craftsmanship, and teamwork. Clark has been a member of Remodelers Advantage since 2015 and is a member of the IZAR roundtable group.

Victoria, Mark and Clark talk more about:

  • Looking for the right attributes in an estimator
  • Surprises throughout this process
  • And more…

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Ep.181: 3 Key Lessons Remodelers Can Learn From a Serial Tech Founder with Justin Goldman

Company building in the fast paced venture backed technology world has quickly evolved over the past two decades. In countless conversations with remodelers over the past four years since starting RenoFi, guest Justin Goldman has identified a few of the best practices from the startup world that can benefit remodelers.

Justin Goldman is RenoFi’s CEO and Co-founder. His own home renovation was made possible by a RenoFi Loan, a unique financial product he created for homeowners just like him. 

Victoria, Mark and Justin talk more about:

  • Financing renovation projects
  • An outsider’s perspective on remodeling
  • And more…

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Ep.180: Can “Voice Training” Skyrocket Your Success? with John Baron

Do you feel comfortable when presenting proposals/estimates to clients? Why should clients like the sound of your voice if you don’t? You might know what to say, but do you feel ok saying it?  

These are all questions that body language and voice coaching expert John Baron is here to answer. John brings actor skills training to the business world, he was also a professional actor, owned and sold his own marketing business, a teacher of the Alexander Technique, a Corporate Trainer, and the founder of VocalCommunicationInBusiness.

Victoria, Mark and John talk more about:

  • Why Construction Industry Professionals need voice training
  • Voice habits that are viewed negatively by clients
  • And more…

Episode 179: Managing Inflation’s Impact on Your Business with Mischa Fisher

Overseas conflicts are impacting gas prices while we’re already facing high inflation rates. The cost to run your business has increased at a time when you’re already short-staffed. It’s a challenging environment to be a home services business owner, but demand is high and opportunity is great.  Guest Mischa Fisher joins us to talk about some ways businesses are adapting to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of today’s market.

Mischa is the Chief Economist at Angi, leading market research on consumer spending behavior, labor market dynamics and residential housing trends. He’s here to talk about rising costs – how they’ve changed and what you can do to manage your business through this volatile period.

Victoria, Mark and Mischa talk more about:

  • The impact of rising interest rates on the remodeling industry
  • Expectations for prices moving forward
  • Adapting to these changing prices
  • And more…

Ep.178: How to Make Huge Profits Without Clients with Andrew Schroeder

Join us in looking back on Episode 22 with guest Andrew Schroeder!

In this episode, Victoria and Mark talk to guest Andrew Schroeder about how to use your remodeling experience to grow your business by profitably flipping houses, minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits, and the challenges of acting as your own client.

As CEO of Schroeder Design Build, Andrew focuses on all aspects of a project, ranging from the big picture to the smallest details. He joined the Schroeder Design/Build team in 1999 and became owner in 2011. In addition to running SDB, Andrew volunteers time with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Victoria, Mark and Andrew talk more about:

  • Where to invest your time and money to get your best returns
  • How to fill your production pipeline without getting new clients
  • Determining your profit margins in real estate
  • And more…

Ep.177: The Journey To Your Unifying Vision with Joe Curcillo

Adapted from his popular motivational book, “Getting To ‘Us’,”  guest Joe Curcillo expertly guides business leaders through the processes of mission analysis, productivity evaluation and goal prioritization to determine their company’s ultimate path to success. In this episode, he shares the foundational epicenter for unity throughout a company and establishes the blueprint for future goals and achievements.

For more than 40 years, Joe has had the pleasure of presenting information from the courtroom to the boardroom. His experiences as a prosecutor, mentalist and bestselling author have made him a uniquely positioned speaker for organizations working to unify their personnel to achieve greatness.  Learn more about Joe here.

Victoria, Mark and Joe talk more about:

  • The importance of a unified vision
  • Secrets to team building
  • And more…