Overseas conflicts are impacting gas prices while we’re already facing high inflation rates. The cost to run your business has increased at a time when you’re already short-staffed. It’s a challenging environment to be a home services business owner, but demand is high and opportunity is great.  Guest Mischa Fisher joins us to talk about some ways businesses are adapting to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of today’s market.

Mischa is the Chief Economist at Angi, leading market research on consumer spending behavior, labor market dynamics and residential housing trends. He’s here to talk about rising costs – how they’ve changed and what you can do to manage your business through this volatile period.

Victoria, Mark and Mischa talk more about:

  • The impact of rising interest rates on the remodeling industry
  • Expectations for prices moving forward
  • Adapting to these changing prices
  • And more…