The 9 Components of Extraordinary Leadership with Wayne Ottum – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

Wayne Ottum joins us to talk about the 9 components of extraordinary leadership and outlines some basic steps to help businesses owners become more effective leaders. Wayne discusses the importance of creating a company vision, building the right culture, and the difference between leadership and management.

Wayne is a senior consultant at Remodelers Advantage and is the president of his own consulting firm Ottum Enterprises LLC. Wayne has over 30+ years of consulting experience and has over 15 years of experience working with Remodelers Advantage.

Victoria, Mark, and Wayne talk more about:

  • Creating a vision 
  • Leadership in the Remodeling Industry 
  • And more…..

Why The Design-to-Production Handoff is Worth Measuring with Dan Hurst – [Best of Powertips Unscripted]

Today on Powertips Unscripted, Dan Hurst joins the show to discuss the handoff from design to production. Dan talks about how to define the minimum standard of completeness and quality for each function or role involved in preparing the handoff packet. Dan also discusses how to use checklists for each role to ensure that quality standards are met.

Dan Hurst is the COO and part owner of Hurst Design Build Remodel in Cleveland Ohio. Dan and his brother Pat have been a part of Roundtables since 2006. 

Victoria, Mark, and Dan talk more about:

  • Team handoff meetings
  • 3 core project deliverables
  • How these core deliverables can improve standards
  • And more…….

How Business Owners Can Tame the High Cost of College with Brad Baldridge – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E5

Are you concerned that college tuition fees will deplete your savings? In today’s episode of PowerTips Unscripted, we have Brad Baldridge on the show to assist business owners in planning for their children’s college education without sacrificing their retirement funds. Brad discusses how owning a business can impact college finances and whether there are any benefits that business owners can leverage to aid in paying for college expenses.

Brad Baldridge is one of the nation’s leading college financial experts. He teaches families the best ways to plan, save, and pay for college so they can make their children’s college dreams come true without wiping out their finances or their retirement.

Brad, Vicotria, and Mark talk more about:

  • Are things different for business owners when it comes to planning and paying for college?
  • And more…

Preparing Your Business For Your Departure with Pete McDowell – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E3

In this episode of PowerTips Unscripted, Victoria and Mark are joined by Pete McDowell to discuss succession planning and how business owners can exit their company. According to Pete, there are four primary ways for a business owner to leave their company: selling the company, transferring the company to family or employees, or ESOP. He also highlights some of the basics of a succession plan, regardless of the option the business owner chooses.

Pete McDowell is a Partner at ActionCOACH Columbus. Pete, alongside his partner, Peg Buehrle have recently joined Remodelers Advantage as Consultants. They help people evaluate each of these options and select the best path. Along the way, they assist their clients to work less and build the value of their business. In this way, you can enjoy life NOW and look forward to a comfortable next chapter!

Pete, Victoria, and Mark talk more about:

  • Preparing the team for succession planning
  • Examples of well executed succession plans
  • And more…

Demanding Success for 2024 with Doug Howard – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E2

Today on PowerTips Unscripted, Doug Howard joins the show to discuss the importance of demanding success by 2024. There are various external factors, such as uncertainty, economic slowdowns, and slower processes, that are affecting the pre-construction and construction workflow, ultimately impacting profitability. Therefore, owners of remodeling companies need to come up with effective strategies and practices to overcome these challenges instead of accepting them.

Doug has been a senior consultant with Remodelers Advantage since 2017 and facilitates 8 Roundtables meetings per year. He has worked with several hundred remodeling clients to help them develop strategies, understand financials, improve processes, and enhance profitability.

Victoria, Mark, and Doug talk more about:

  • What are a few specific examples of ways to improve the preconstruction process?
  • How does team alignment and thinking “Upstream” impact workflow and profitability?
  • What are companies using as measures to better drive performance?
  • And more…

One Small Thing That Makes a Big Impact on Others with Chris Stebnitz – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

Sometimes it may feel that kindness is in short supply.  That’s why it’s so important to take the initiative to remain vigilant and recognize kindness whenever you can.  Guest Chris Stebnitz shares something he does weekly, that results in a huge impact on those around him.

Chris is a third-generation remodeling company owner in Elkhorn, Wisconsin with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  Stebnitz Builders’ focus is to be the very best listening company, translating into a wonderful experience for their clients and a project completed to its highest standards with the greatest rewards for their clients and business partners.

Victoria, Mark and Chris talk more about:

  • Showing support to team members
  • Creating positive morale within your company
  • The importance of giving back to your employees
  • And more…

Focusing on What Matters Most with Spencer Powell – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

The most common marketing mistake host Mark Harari sees is a focus on tactic without regard for strategy.  It is important to avoid adopting new fad marketing tactics, and start with a strategic foundation.  Guest Spencer Powell agrees, and he is here to share how to focus on what matters most to your business so that you can use marketing to increase profit.

Spencer is the CEO of Builder Funnel & the author of the book, The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint. Spencer began his marketing journey by helping his uncles’ remodeling division grow from $2M to $10M in 4 years & now helps remodeling companies create sustainable, repeatable marketing plans.

Victoria, Mark and Spencer talk more about:

  • Developing strategy
  • The importance of tracking/measuring
  • Taking the necessary steps for successful strategies
  • And more…


Builder Funnel Webinar: De-Mystifying Websites and SEO: How to Attract Ideal Clients through Google Search

Learn how to attract your ideal client projects through Google search and SEO. In this 45 minute presentation, Spencer Powell of Builder Funnel cuts to the chase. No fluff, no BS. He’ll share what’s working for his clients right now and some of the SEO strategies he’s learned helping them generate over $150M in sales of remodeling projects and custom homes.

Outsourcing 3-Dimensional Design with Lauren Campuzano- [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

Today on PowerTips Unscripted, Lauren Campuzano joins the show to discuss outsourcing 3-Dimensional (3-D) Design. 3-D designs can help remodelers sell their plans, but finding the right talent can take time and effort. Lauren found that 3-D designs were great communication tools within the design department, construction department, and sometimes with clients. Creating 3-D models in-house was difficult for Lauren, so she outsourced them.  

Lauren is the Principal Designer at New Market Builders LLC. After working within the Design- Build industry, and many years teaching Interior Design at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Lauren joined her husband, Michael, at New Market Builders to launch and oversee the Design portion of the company.

Victoria, Mark, and Lauren talk more about:

  • Online marketplaces to outsource
  • Payment terms for the designing
  • How long it takes to make the designs
  • And more…

Estate Planning 101 with Thomas Croessman – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

Today on PowerTips Unscripted, Thomas Croessman joins the show to discuss the need for small business owners to plan for their company’s transition in their estate plan.  While your business might be humming along now, how will it perform if you’re not around? Unfortunately, most small businesses only survive the first generation because of estate planning and communication failures. Thomas explains Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trusts, when those documents become effective. He also gives some practical tips to help the transition go smoothly.

Thomas Croessmann is the Managing Partner of Croessmann & Westberg, P.C., a construction law firm in the DC area. The firm is a full-service law firm for construction contractors.

Thomas, Victoria, and Mark talk more about:

  • What is an Estate Plan?
  • What is Power of Attorney, and when is it used?
  • And more…

Solving the Challenges of Leadership Development in Remodeling Companies with Wayne Ottum – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

As remodeling companies grow, owners face the challenges of deciding when leaders are needed, how to find them, and train them to be good leaders. In this episode of PowerTips Unscripted, Wayne Ottum discusses these challenges and provides tools and methodologies for facing these challenges head-on. In addition, he talks about how he helps owners create a business that works for them.

Wayne Ottum is a senior consultant at Remodelers Advantage. Wayne has over 30 years of experience, with 15 of those years specializing in the remodeling industry. He helps create clear and compelling paths for owners to meet their goals.

Wayne, Victoria, and Mark talk more about:

  • Checklist of leadership skills
  • How to know when to develop or hire leaders
  • Managers vs. Leaders
  • And more…