Focusing on What Matters Most with Spencer Powell – [Best of PowerTips Unscripted]

The most common marketing mistake host Mark Harari sees is a focus on tactic without regard for strategy.  It is important to avoid adopting new fad marketing tactics, and start with a strategic foundation.  Guest Spencer Powell agrees, and he is here to share how to focus on what matters most to your business so that you can use marketing to increase profit.

Spencer is the CEO of Builder Funnel & the author of the book, The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint. Spencer began his marketing journey by helping his uncles’ remodeling division grow from $2M to $10M in 4 years & now helps remodeling companies create sustainable, repeatable marketing plans.

Victoria, Mark and Spencer talk more about:

  • Developing strategy
  • The importance of tracking/measuring
  • Taking the necessary steps for successful strategies
  • And more…


Builder Funnel Webinar: De-Mystifying Websites and SEO: How to Attract Ideal Clients through Google Search

Learn how to attract your ideal client projects through Google search and SEO. In this 45 minute presentation, Spencer Powell of Builder Funnel cuts to the chase. No fluff, no BS. He’ll share what’s working for his clients right now and some of the SEO strategies he’s learned helping them generate over $150M in sales of remodeling projects and custom homes.