An Etiquette and Manners Guide for Remodelers with Daniel Post Senning – [PowerTips Unscripted S4 E12]

Do you remove your shoes when you visit a customer’s home?  How do I control others’ first impressions of me? Is it ever appropriate to begin eating before everyone is served?  Find the answers to these questions and more when Daniel Post Senning joins the show.   

Daniel is the great-great-grandson of Emily Post and discusses the importance of etiquette and how you can use it while interacting with affluent clients who expect a certain standard of conduct.  He explains that etiquette is really a combination of manners (language), plus principles (consideration, respect, and honesty), and how they guide behavior and how that behavior impacts others. 

Daniel Post Senning is from the Emily Post Institute, which is a fifth-generation family business that promotes etiquette tips and techniques based on consideration, respect, and honesty. Daniel is also an author and co-host of the Awesome Etiquette podcast. 

In this informative and fun podcast, Victoria, Mark, and Daniel talk more about: 

  • Table etiquette for any setting 
  • Business advice that can help you control customer impressions 
  • How good etiquette can be great for business 
  • And more…